Thursday, 3 September 2009

Marimekko cushion

For some time now I have had some lovely Marimekko fabric waiting to be turned into a cushion cover for my Ercol chair. I bought 2 of these chairs off ebay and they were a bargain at £25 each, they match my beloved daybed. There are pics of the daybed here...

Confusingly I have 2 Flickr accounts, but unfortunately you are not able to merge them.

Anyway, back to the cushion, its taken me a fair while to complete, so much pinning, sewing, pinning, more sewing. In the end its not as perfect as I would like, but it will do. I think it may have been better with a small print, but it is lovely fabric.

My daughter said it looked good while I was despairing of its wonkiness so that is good enough for me!

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