Friday, 13 August 2010

French children's books

In France I bought a couple of gorgeous children's books. We went into this bookshop in Dinard, and as far as I could tell, it was just a plain old bookshop, but the kid's section was AMAZING.

This book, 'The Tree House" is a picture book and I think is originally Dutch, but as there are no words, it's not a problem. I have a bit of a soft spot for polar bears, and the illustration in this book is just beautiful, take a look...

Sometimes at bedtime my children ask for a 'tell story' basically one I make up on the spot, usually involving characters named after them and their friends. Looking through this book may give me a useful backdrop to make up a story or 2, usually by bedtime I have had all the imagination sapped out of me by the aforementioned kids.

Another book I bought was 'Premiers printemps' or 'first spring' if my rusty GCSE french is correct. There is a whole series of these books, and it was really hard to choose, I also loved this one.

The illustrations in this book are so reminiscent of some of the Japanese fabrics that I swoon over, and the pages are this beautiful, thick, matt paper. The pictures are simple and innocent and I absolutely love it. It is of course in french, but because it's a children's book, I can almost understand it.

And lastly, I picked up this one in a hypermarket, loving the cute animals and curly wurly font.


  1. Beautiful, simple and graphic. More picture books needed for adults!

  2. ooo la la! i am just a sucker for anything french and those books look amazing. how lovely to have them to "share" with your children! the polar bear is so charming too.