Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dear J Crew...

 Dear J Crew: Please dress me in these outfits 
and provide me with these legs.

My latest addiction, Pinterest has led me to some new and very lovely fashion discoveries. If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet, it is a totally addictive and wonderful way to collate gorgeous images from the internet and see what other people are into too.

If you have ever been researching a project about say, Audrey Hepburn, decorating your home, albino peacocks, dressing your kids in beautiful dresses, then you can store all these images on one mood board rather than a confusing bunch of bookmarks on your internet browser. Oh, and it is totally addictive, but I mentioned that already.

One of my latest trips to Pinterest led my to J Crew. All I know about J Crew is that it's an American clothing company that has clothed Michelle Obama. The wikipedia page about them is disappointing, which is worrying as wikipedia has increasingly become my font of all knowledge.

So, to continue the title to this post...
Dear J Crew, please open a shop in the UK. 

Thanks everso,

I shall demonstrate why using the power of pictures.

Dear J Crew: please dress my first born in these outfits.

Dear J Crew: this isn't my colour, but I still like it

Dear J Crew: I think you know my weakness for stripes, 
and this top is all kinds of stripy

Dear J Crew: I like this pleat action, and you 
make your dresses in about 50 different colours.
Perhaps you would consider opening a shop in the UK?

Dear J Crew: this is the mother of all big-bow dresses 
I would never have cause to wear it, 
but I can admire it anyway.

Dear J Crew: perfect for the school run, a skirt and hoodie,
I will stand out from the other mum, thanks.

Dear J Crew: a 6 year old girl in my life needs this dress.

Dear J Crew: a dusty coloured flounce skirt
yes and yes.

I rest my case, J Crew, I hope you are listening. Those of you who are curious about Pinterest, here's something that will make you more curious, you have to ask to join, and after an agonising wait, they will email you and let you join their club. I can get you in the back door though, send me an email if you want an invite and something to sap away your free time...

ps, thank you to the clever Amy who has informed me that J Crew do have a shop on Net a Porter, so I can get some of their collection in the UK. (Dear J Crew - this doesn't get you off the hook, I want the whole lot).


  1. Didn't realise they operated on a system like THAT, neh? It's a bit like Ravelry in that way.

  2. I'm pretty sure that I read in the business section of the paper one day last week, that due to the success of J Crew on Net a Porter...a UK shop is in the works.

  3. thanks for letting me know Gracie - do you remember which paper it was? I'd be interested to read more...

  4. A bit of googling tells me that they will be online in the UK from late Summer to early Autumn. Wow J Crew, thanks for listening, good work!

  5. That's fantastic news!

    I fell in love with a mustard J Crew cardigan that I saw on Some Girls Wander last year. I rang J Crew at great expense and begged them to post internationally...but no, they told me to try net-a-porter who had a limited and mustard-cardigan-free selection that left me slightly cold.

  6. Florence - I remember you ended up dying your own? That is dedication to garment need.

  7. Yes, I'm interested in Pinterest -- please invite me :-)

  8. There clothes are gorgeous but they would not help my bank balance one bit!!
    And yes pinterest looks very addictive I have so far managed to steer clear I spend enough time on twitter!