Monday, 13 June 2011

Work in progress...

A while back, I started on my Gathering Flowers Quilt. Some of my blog readers may be too young to remember this.

I'm pleased to report that I have been making some progress lately. My main motivation has been making sure I cut out all the pieces of fabric I need before Innocent Crush sells out. I have been sewing in the evening when the kids are in bed. There are issues with this as I will demonstrate.

Spot the mistake? Let me make it easier for you.

Look at block number 2. Those of you who know me can probably imagine that I did utter a few well chosen bad words when I noticed this. I had even said to myself that I must check it before sewing because wouldn't it be frustrating to spot a mistake at this stage? Well, it was, very frustrating. In the future I will listen to that particular voice in my head.

I was further hampered by the fact I used my seam ripper last week for a spot of DIY and snapped the pointy bit off, making unpicking stitches very tedious.

But we learn by our mistakes, second time round I was extra careful. And here they are all shiny and perfect.

I need to make 2 more of these as I'm making a cot bed sized quilt 6 x 2. Neither of my kids are in cot beds (or ever were for that matter, straight from a cot to a massive single bed) but it seemed more achievable at this size.

Now that I finally have more than 2 blocks, I can think about how they will go together.

I think I prefer the latter, it's less perfect. Kind of how this quilt is turning out. I love the squares is creates and the rings of the petals which could have been paler to stand out more in hindsight.

So now I am back on track with this quilt, I'm hoping to finish it before it's intended recipient reaches her teens. She is currently 6 so I am feeling fairly confident.


  1. Yep I agree the second layout looks superb - good going (eventually!).

  2. I love this quilt - it's stunning (doubly so because I know how tricksy it must be to piece). Can't wait to see it finished. X

  3. I love this quilt and the colours you used! I prefer the second one as well and the less uniform style.

  4. i also am making this quilt. busy with the last flower, i make 12. (4x3). Yours looks really lovely and perfect. i make them by hand sewing. was just wondering if you make them with the sewing machine? Bye, Margreeth

  5. Thanks all for your comments.

    Margreeth - I can't believe you are hand sewing, I am very impressed, it must be quite hard. I am using my sewing machine. 4 x 3 sounds nice, I might reconsider and make mine a little bigger!

  6. well Late, I could not possibly do it on the machine, all these curves!! 4x3 gives you the opportunity to use it on the couch, when you (or one of the kids) are cold.
    bye, margreeth

  7. sorry Kate, that is.