Sunday, 21 August 2011

Things I have learnt this last 2 weeks...

1. When on a ferry, catching your child's sick in your hands may seem like a good idea but ultimately, it is a very bad idea.

 un whale massif a la plage

2. The french eat baby Cornetto's. They are both barbaric and delicious.

 c'est delicious, les cornettos bebe

3. French supermarkets are full of amazing vegetables, meat, fish and bread and make me wish I was a better cook.

 beaucoup de poisson dans le supermarche

4. I love collecting shells.

 shells est tres jolie

 c'est un theme n'est pas?

5. The French love stripes almost as much as me...

la boutique de stripes

and my son...

mon fils de stripes

6. Was there ever a building more wasted on a Burton's?

la Burtons, sérieusement?

7. Sandy beaches rule

 Brighton plage a beaucoup de rocks, 
la plage Francais n'est pas beaucoup de rocks 

8.  The coolest fish tank ever?

le tank a peche est un tube longs hanging from un l'arbre

9. Pigeon hearts are best barbequed.

 c'est un tomato, pas un pigeon, yuk

10. France is where baby vintage sewing machines are born

 ancienne bebe sewing machines, c'est tres cute n'est pas?

11. In another life, I would like to be this French cat.

tous les jours, le chat sleeps dans la soleil
c'est la bonne vie n'est pas?

I hope you are having a good Summer, and thanks for bearing with me while I was off, all holiday orders will be posted tomorrow.



  1. Looks like you had a great time - I love the baby sewing machines!

  2. That surely is the best fish tank ever!
    I also like your version of French :)

  3. those baby sewing machines definitely rock...I hope you brought one home with you!

  4. I heart France. A lovely post and lovely images. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  5. Your french commentary is making me cry.

    Sick is one thing. I've caught George's poo twice.

    It disturbs forever and sick and poo makes your hands smell! Not good.

    That fishtank is amazing.

    Please let's meet up avec le stripes ;) X

  6. just came back from france too, glad to hear you had a good time :)

  7. I have that reflexive sick catching thing too - horrid, isn't it?

    Et votre Francais? C'est magnifique!