Friday, 26 April 2013

Happy Friday!

Friday is upon us again and here is a round up of news and what has caught my eye this week.

So much lovely new fabric arrived this week, seeing it all together (above) made me realise how pretty it looks, I definitely lean towards these colours at M is for make!

So after pondering it, I caught on the the Great British Sewing Bee this week and watched the final, whilst sewing myself. I really enjoyed the it, they made some amazing jackets and those dresses. I found it reassuring that years of experience won in the end - interesting that this was not the case for the Great British Bake Off where the young'uns did best. Also reassuring to see such experienced sewers making the odd silly mistake (albeit under great pressure and after working for hours on end!)

Head over to the Art Gallery Fabrics for this gorgeous Indian Summer mini quilt tutorial by Quilt Dad. Find Indian Summer here.

What's on my sewing machine this week: much the same as last week! hundreds of crosses... although with the end in in sight, I have been trying to squeeze in as much time as I can on this quilt.

It as left me thinking about the medallion at the centre of this quilt. When I was chosing the fabrics, I couldn't find the right print in the right colour for the greeny-yellow triangles in the centre. In the end I opted for the right print but keep looking at it wishing I had gone for something gold. When I have finished all the borders I am going to decided whether to replace them, as I wonder if I will always wish I had done otherwise.

I was very excited this week to see that one of my favourite artists: Leah Duncan will be bringing out a fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, you can read more about it here, but a little taster for you, (I will be stocking it).

Book recommendations please: with a break coming up I'm looking for easy but good reads - I've been hitting the 99p section on Amazon lately for my Kindle. It's very satisfying buying such a cheap book, but they are not always the best quality read! So if you have read anything great lately - do let me know.

So ... back to my medallion crosses, wishing you a happy weekend!


  1. Oh lovely medallion! But how could you see what you were sewing when Patrick was on telly? ;-)

    1. :) that's when I paused to take a break from sewing...

  2. Don't unpick it!!!! It will never go back together as nicely and then you will be really sad!!
    Just finished the Judy (Richard & Judy) Finnegan book, 'Eloise' - utter nonsense, but I had to finish it ;)