Thursday, 23 January 2014

New from Art Gallery Fabrics ...

Art Gallery Fabrics are definitely one of my favourite manufacturers. Firstly they have the best base cloth, it is finely woven, high quality, really yummy stuff. Then, there's the amazing designers, patterns and colours, I love them. Today a selection of prints from 'Safari Moon' by Frances Newcombe and 'Chromatics' arrived.


The 'Safari Moon' prints are gorgeous with warm, but muted colours, these are couple of my favourites...

If I hadn't already committed myself (in my head) to another quilt, I would really like to make one from these. They have an almost vintage feel to them, and not overtly girly, just a glimpse of pink.

And the Chromatics prints will be the basis of some amazing bundles in the future. I'm very excited about them, and the bundles I shall create.


  1. what a stunning collection Kate...will look forward to having some of these!

  2. Have just discovered your site and shop and just wanted to say how much I love it! Love the diverse selection of fabrics...could happily spend a few hours pottering about and looking at everything. Very excited for my first order to arrive :)