Thursday, 28 January 2010


This week at college we made pockets. It was great fun, just making them on their own, no worries about it looking right in the garment. We made a patch pocket (above) like the kind you would find on the back of a pair of trousers.

We also made a front hip pocket or jean pocket (my favourite), it turned out really nicely and I enjoyed adding the top stitching to the edge of the pocket.

And finally we made an inseam pocket, this one is harder to see so I have a picture from the front and back. But I can imagine it in the side seams of a tunic style top, you can reinforce the opening with ribbon or tape which can also add a nice detail.

My dress (that I will start making next week) has no pockets, though I like the idea of inseam pockets on the sides, I always need a pocket.

Why the mouse? I originally used my hands in the photos, but let's just say the winter has not been kind to my hands.

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