Thursday, 25 February 2010

Quilts: 1700 - 2010 exhibition at the V & A

Quilts are everywhere at the moment, every time I open a paper or magazine there seems to be an article on the popularity of craft, surge of sewing machine sales and especially about how cool it is to quilt. With perfect timing, the V & A museum has a major exhibition running from 20th March to 4th July showing 65 quilts from 1700 through to present day. The majority of the quilts will be from the V & A's collection but there will also be some new works by contemporary artists such as such as Grayson Perry and Tracey Emin.

To celebrate the exhibition, the V&A Shop and Liberty fabrics have collaborated on a limited edition collection of printed cottons featuring designs from quilts in the V&A's collections. These are a few of my favourites, it's quite a reasonable way to acquire a few Liberty prints, they have fat quarter bundles too.  If you make it to the V & A, the gift shop there is really good, as is the book shop.


  1. I really really need to go and see this exhibition, I read about it a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to plan a jaunt to London ever since.

  2. My stash of 'red seedhead' arrived this week, it's really lovely fabric. Any favourites?

  3. I love seedhead, the hearts print is a favourite too...