Saturday, 6 March 2010

Go teen Boden

I suspect I will not be the only thirty-something buying from the new teen Boden range 'Johnnie B'. Infact looking at the reviews on the website, it looks like it is almost entirely bought by the 25 - 44 age range. I do like Boden, I like that they have figured out the mail order clothing concept and made it their own, brilliant customer service, speedy delivery, easy returns, it's something to aspire to. But when I look at their woman's catalogue I always nearly buy something but rarely do unless it's a plain top or trousers.

Along comes 'Johnnie B' for Boden teens. I have to be honest, the name makes me wince a little. But I like the tops, they are pretty and relaxed and have beautiful details. They make me think of sunny days in the park and at the beach, and not dragging myself out on the school run in a hurry with 5 different layers on because it's so, so cold.

So I bought a couple of tops, I bought 'large' as the sizes looked roughly like a size 12, and I'm really pleased with them. The reason I thought I'd write about them is because of the beautiful details.

This top has a lovely flower pattern on the front, which is made from ribbon, twisted round to make the pattern and stitched into place. It's an idea I'd like to use on something I make, it's probably not as easy as it looks, maybe something to do on a smaller scale.

I also really like the little gathering and pin-tucks on the front, they remind me of the details in the Japanese craft books.

I also bought some silver flip slops which are nice, a pair of jeans which were way too small, even in the biggest size, apparently I can't wear a teenager's jeans. The dresses are pretty too, but not for me and the skirts are oh-so-short, definitely not for the 35 - 44 age band.