Saturday, 30 October 2010

Childhood influences...

A trip back home at the end of the week had me looking through some of my old childhood books. I just love the illustrations, here are a few badly lit photos that I took.

I've been obsessively collecting some gorgeous Autumn leaves over the last few weeks, so I was really pleased to find this page on printing with leaves following on from the fun of printing with apples.

Here are the instructions incase you are interested...

I also found some telegrams from my parents wedding, aren't they beautiful? It's a shame they don't do them anymore. Loving the boy-band bell ringers and the doves.

The final book was entitled 'Travelling by Land' and I won it at school for 'Endeavour in Lower Kindergarten'. Makes it sound a little like I had to climb a mountain every day to get to school. I didn't, Poole is quite flat, but it's good to see I was a girly swot right from the outset. I love this book, it reminds me of the 'This is...' series in particular This is London.

And I saved the best for last. Finally I understand where my strongly held beliefs about my place on this planet come from, it was here in this book that the seed was sewn, right back in Lower Kindergarten. Children go to school, fathers go to work, and mothers ...


  1. I use a lot of vintage books for inspiration too- I love the last book, your school prize- such great illustrations- have you seen the This is series featured on H is for Home blog? I think New York was the latest one

  2. Oh fantastic! The telegram is wonderful, and as for the 'shopping', bring back traditional values NOW!!

  3. Please infringe copyright and scan that last page for me. I need that print on my wall!

  4. What treasures! Must go shopping...

  5. Thanks Kerry, I had a look at the H is for home blog, it's a great feature. Amy - could this be the next 'Keep calm and carry on'? I am quite fed up of being calm, I just want to go shopping...

  6. soooo wonderful - each and every one!