Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A is for apple

It's half term, it's raining, it's time to craft. Martha Stewart style. There is so much to do with kids on the Martha Stewart website, and grown ups too. Check out this felty goodness and these amazing Halloween decorations and cakes. Ok - the site is a little slow and heavy to navigate, groaning as it is under the weight of all the advertising, but there is so much cool free stuff, it's worth it.

I've have a load of gorgeous fabric paints for ages and they are all in shades of green with different finishes, glitter, pearl, gloss and apparently some flock when you iron them.

It's the first time we've used them and I like the effect of all the different shades together. Some of the paints were a little watery, mostly the glitter ones, you could get a lovely sharp stamp with a more solid colour. Because of this, it worked out better to paint it onto the apple rather than dip it, which didn't give a very good coverage.

We had a variety of different sized apples and different pots and brushes for each colour. Though by the end my daughter enjoyed mixing them all up.

It was great fun for both of us, I have been flicking through Lena Corwin's book a lot lately, wistfully hoping to do some printing, so this has filled a creative space for me. Afterwards my daughter seemed to enjoy the washing up almost as much as the printing, I'm sure that will wear off though.


  1. Looks like great fun and love the results. Colours are gorgeous, be good made into a tote bag or cushion for your daughter.

  2. oooh what fun, those apple prints are so cute.
    (I am jealous of your trip to John Lewis)

  3. They look lovely Kate. I'm going to have a go with my two. will check out the Martha site.

  4. The children and I so enjoyed our block printing and both Lena's and Lotta's books are fantastic for ideas on that. What do you both plan to do with your wonderful apple fabric now I wonder?

  5. thanks Kate for your super kind offer.
    I should be having some visitors from the UK in the spring so I am getting my list together for them!