Saturday, 10 September 2011

Brighton shops

The cake display in Choccywoccydoodah

A few highlights from our trip to Brighton this morning. There is a road in Brighton that seems to be attracting lots of chocolate shops. But the mother of all chocolate shops is Choccywoccydoodah. If you visit Brighton, you must see it. The shop is pretty small, but has the most amazing creations like the cakes in their window.

This shop looked really pretty. Not sure about the concept though; you create a string of lights by choosing the colour balls. It did look lovely though, and I have always been one to judge a book by it's cover.

The sweet shop Fizziwigg's always has the most amazing displays. Note the clawing hands of my children in the next photo.

sweet zombies
And of course the pier.

Hope you are having a happy weekend,



  1. Completely agree - Choccywoccydoodah amazes every time I walk past! Cable & Cotton's lights are beautiful. I bought some for Christmas last year and couldn't bear to take them down in January, so they're now a year round feature in our sitting room.

  2. I'd love to visit Brighton :-)

  3. A whole Cable and Cotton shop! Far healthier than Choccywoccydoodah!

  4. Ooh yummy, now there's an incentive to get you walking!

  5. Wow, those chocolate and cake shops look amazing. I might have to take a trip to Brighton now!