Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dressing for Autumn

School is back, the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and there is a definite chill in the air; Autumn is here.

Are you sewing for Autumn? Here are a few things I spotted that may give you some inspiration.

J Crew have some gorgeous outfits put together, ideal for those such as myself who are incapable of doing this. I'm still feeling a bit frosty towards J Crew, I think I made myself clear on the subject here. But if they really do come to the UK properly, I may be prepared to change my views on them.

I love this coat from Anthropologie. The details are so pretty, it has a lovely pleat on the back too.

I can only dream of being a Boden teen in Autumn, it looks fun and wholesome. It was quite some since I was a teen, I can't pretend it was recent especially since Red recently revealed me. Rather like unmasking a super hero but considerably less dramatic or interesting.

I think I like the idea of capes more than the reality, and to be honest, this model in the Toast catalogue is not really selling the idea to me. But it would be fun to pretend to be Sherlock Holmes, pipe optional.

It can be quite a dreary time of year, so I think the perfect excuse to get a bag like this. Look how big it is - I could fit so much stuff in it. I would never find my lip balm in here, let alone my keys.

I love layering and Whitestuff is all about this, and look at these boots...

OK, they are not that exciting, but I begin to lose sensation in my feet as they freeze over for the winter, and I think these beauties could save them.

I was thinking of taking the kids to look for conkers at the weekend, and look - Whistles have created the perfect woodland outfits for me to wear.  Outfit 2 includes a hat to protect me from
falling conkers and a bag in which to stash them, I couldn't be happier.
 all navy outfits, Whistles, you know me well

 I also love the idea of maxi skirts, perhaps not for a rainy day, but aren't they lovely?

And a chunky knit, perfect for any knitters out there.

And if you are thinking of making something for yourself, then here are a few fabrics that would be great for Autumn.

And for patterns, coming very soon, the new Colette patterns....

Are you making something for Autumn? I'd love to hear about it...


  1. Hello Kate. I love this look you have put together, especially the Anthropologie coat - just gorgeous. Need to find some patterns now. x

  2. I feel exactly the same about capes - I really want one but when I try them on I think they look silly on me!

    As soon as it gets colder I get into knitting in a big way - I've just started knitting a fairisle sweater from a 1940s pattern which will probably take me until next year to knit.

  3. Bring it on, I have my tights on now as of this week and am definitely thinking about sewing for Autumn. Just haven't done anything about it yet!

  4. I love your selection, and the coats from Anthro and Toast are just beautiful! I am hoping to finish my scarf for the Autumn posted here: You never know