Friday, 24 February 2012

New fabric in this week...

New in this week and with perfect timing if you are thinking about sewing for spring or summer, Sunshine linen by Dena Designs. I think this fabric would make a perfect dress, maybe a Crepe or a Peony.

Also, with several more prints to come from the 'Get Together' collection by David Walker there is this super cute birds print.

There are also some lovely retro prints (with more to come) from the To Market to Market collection by Marie Perkins from the Print and Pattern blog.
And the very springlike Modern Whimsy by Laurie Wisbrun, I think the rabbit print is perfect for Easter sewing.
I have a lot of collections coming soon to M is for make, you can find them here. One that is imminent though is Curious Nature by Parson Gray. The man behind this fabric is David Butler (husband of Amy Butler) these earthy neutral prints are really gorgeous.


  1. oh no! even more to wait for!!

  2. That Butler family are truly talented, I love his patterns.

  3. I love the curious nature collection. They would be perfect for the imaginary quilt I am dreaming up (and collecting fabric for!)

  4. Love love love the birdy print one. Not sure if I dare look when the rest of the collection arrives.