Sunday, 6 May 2012

Extra wide quilt back and more...

These lovely extra wide (108") dottie quilt backs from Moda arrived yesterday. They are huge, not double, but quadruple rolled on the bolt because they are so wide. Meaning that you can back your magnificent quilt with one piece of fabric if you desire. It's almost enough to make me add some more hexagons to my quilt if it wasn't taking so long already. But I think it would push that project from 'might finish' to 'never, ever, finish'.

It strikes me that I didn't mention a whole batch of brilliant basics that have been arriving over the last few weeks, lots of dots:
 some lovely flowers from Riley Blake
and heavenly matching dots
 Kona solids in black and navy (spot the difference - not easy in a photo)
 the 3 most popular shades of Kona white

I have a section in the shop now just for coordinates, look it's here.

I have some exciting additions expected soon for this section, just look at these chevrons, aren't they pretty together?

I hope you are having a happy weekend whatever you are doing,



  1. Brilliant - extra wide fabric for the backs of quilts is just what I need :) A+ to you!!

  2. Oh my! riley blake's patter is my favorite ;)

  3. Ooh, I'm drooling at such loveliness : )