Monday, 14 May 2012

Ye Olde Weekende

1. Yesterday the sun came out and we went to Seven Sisters.

2. There are fields of oil seed rape everywhere at the moment, it's so pretty. My son asked 'why is the ground yellow?'

3. Sun is a marvellous medicine to cure all ills (apart from sun burn) and I want some bottled so that I can break it open in case of emergency.

4. On the walk to the beach, people stopped to admire and discuss our lovely pup. With phrases included 'isn't she lovely' 'she's like a fluff ball' etc. One tourist even took a photo.

 5. Building dams across rivers is very good fun

6. I did worry a bit about the cliff crumbling and squishing these tiny people of mine. Shortly after they were not squished but ushered a safe distance away.

7. Considering Brighton is 80% tourists, I have never heard so many different languages spoken in one place as I did here. It's a veritable tourist hot spot. Feeling left out, the kids invented a strange made up language of their own, making them sound totally mad.

8. Lying on a stony Sussex beach, while your kids fall in muddy rock pools wearing their school shoes, is deeply uncomfortable, we conducted a test.

9. Lying on 2 large rocks is 20% more comfortable.

10. No matter how handsome and fluffy our pooch was on the way to the beach, once she had thrown herself into a number of rank, muddy ponds/puddles/ditches, she was no longer that cute.

11. Nobody stopped us on the way back to comment on how lovely or fluffy our dog was. Infact I may have seen them shying away as she approached at speed, fully loaded with stagnant water, and not afraid to use it.

12. In England, we actually have 'Ye Olde' stuff, it's not just made up in Shrek. Look, this Inn is so ye olde, it has been spelt with an extra e.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Ye Olde Katee


  1. lol It does look like a really lovely day :-)

  2. Loved your post:-) Made me laugh and it looks as if you all had such fun.

  3. Why couldn;t this weekend be longer! Back to rain again - driving me potty!