Friday, 20 July 2012

The week in phots and an early holiday warning...

Hooray! this week the Olympic torch came to Brighton. I can't really believe it came so close to our house, and I'm quite thankful as it was very early in the day and if it had been further away we wouldn't have dragged ourselves out of the house in time. There was a great atmosphere on the streets as we waited (although I was rather unimpressed by the sponsor roadshow that rolled through infront of it) and this lovely chap carried it past us with a huge grin on his face and a big pink lipstick kiss on both cheeks from the previous runner. Bless him, I don't think he had a clue.

Brighton graffiti
Driving up to south London later in the week, even the signs warning of traffic delays due to the '2012 games' were rather exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing it (if only on the TV - did anyone get tickets?). 

Back to my happy place, making progress on this quilt under the watchful eye of the dog. I'm sewing with my machine on the ironing board so that I can watch old episodes of ER on the TV while I do it. It's not ideal but it is good.

Love the Batman symbol on top of our local cinema,  hidden behind the trees on the left is a pair of legs, you can see them here.

I feel an equal measure of panic and relief today with the last day of term for my kids. It means goodbye to some beloved teachers, early starts and hopefully; tired, grumpy kids. But also goodbye to free time and a quiet house. Blogging will be a bit few and far between for the next few weeks, but if you are on instagram, you can find me here @misformake.

In the meantime I am packing in as much work as I can before school kicks out.

And washing everything that needs it, first the dog...

not amused
... then fabric for my next project (before the last one is finished, bad Kate)

... and finally my beloved quilt that keeps me warm on cold British Winter I mean, Summer evenings.

And to warn you that I will be having my annual break from M is for make, all orders placed between 26/7/12 and 11/8/12 will be posted on 13/8/12. So if you need some fabric, get our order in now!

Wishing you a happy weekend.



  1. Ha, I heard about that guy with the lipstick on the Radio 1 coverage of it, bless! I missed the torch in Glasgow as it was during work hours (even if it was only about 200 yards up the road!), but I am going to the Olympic rowing finals 2 weeks today :o)

    BTW, will you be doing a fat 1/16th bundle of Bella like you did with Echo? I have plans for one to marry with the Echo bundle I got from you :oD

    1. Hi Katy, yes I will do a limited number of fat 16th bundles

  2. I dragged the kids out to see the torch when it was up our way back in May. They weren't all that impressed but then for under 5's it probably isn't all that exciting!
    I also use the 'sewing machine on the ironing board so that I can watch TV and sit in the same room as my husband once in a while' trick. It's a lot more comfy than dragging the little kids Ikea table that the girls use as their colouring table! Not so much sciatica, I find.
    I really like that bird/plant fabric you are using for your quilt, what is it?

    1. That's my ironing board cover, I replaced the hideous one that it came with, with one I made from Ikea fabric from a few years back

    2. Oh! LOL, well I still like it :-D

  3. Lovely photos Kate. I am planning on sitting on my sofa enjoying the whole Olympics with lots of handsewing at the ready... My kids don't know that they wont be able to play on the Wii for 3 weeks...! Have a great break.