Sunday, 15 July 2012

The week in photos and new fabric...

A hectic week this week with the launch of the new look M is for make, thank you for your lovely feedback and comments, it's great to finally have it out there. Lots of people taking advantage of 15% off all orders until the 18th July. Here is some lovely Running Stitch getting ready to be posted out, I think it's a great stash staple.

Running Stitch
I have also been busy getting ready to party like an 8 year old as our lovely girl had her birthday. I pinned this picture ages ago and have been waiting for a chance to try it out. It looked lovely although I learnt the difference between lovely expensive balloons and cheap ones. I still have a ringing in my ears from having one too many explode while I was blowing them up. Next year I am thinking of scaling it up a bit.

The dog sat peering suspiciously at them from the stairs. I think I have found her kryptonite; balloon curtains.

More new fabric arrivals; this time some Nani Iro fabric I have been waiting for what seems like forever to arrive. I remember ordering this in the middle of the winter thinking it would be perfect for summer.

Maybe perfect for a British summer if layered with some thermals? Nani Iro fabric has the most brilliant names, my favourite being Peaceful Cooing. You can find it all here.

And the reason that this post is a little later than usual is that the end of my week was consumed by baking cakes and a birthday party. 

This year's cake required careful labelling so that I knew what on earth was going on. Pinterest research led me here for this cake.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, the cakes just looked brown on the outside when cooked so it wasn't until I cut into the cake to send pieces home surrounded by screamy 8 year olds that I finally found out if it worked out ok. Phew. That's why the photo is a little blurry, it was hard to think straight.

I hope you had a lovely weekend,



  1. Oh the joy of kids' parties - you survived though - love love love the cake x

  2. fantastic cake - love the dolly mixture, and that balloon curtain is brilliant!

  3. Mmmm lovely new fabric and brilliant cake, I did the same for my daughters 5th last month and it was wonderful, she had no idea what was inside! Quite looking forward to doing it again!