Friday, 17 May 2013

Happy weekend

Happy Friday all, the weekend is around the corner, he's some random things I have been up to and that have caught my eye on the interwebs this week.

Feels like the weather to garden at last, I have been painting plant pots to match our front door; easy and fun. I love having a cheery plant to welcome us, I don't so much love trying to remember to water the poor thing.

There are some great tutorials over on the Art Gallery fabrics website, this sewing machine cover looks good.

I have been dreaming about fabric collections coming later this year, don't they look pretty together? these are Koi by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud 9 Fabrics and Tule by Leah Duncan.

Happy to say I have got a fair bit of sewing done this week, I am finally quilting my medallion quilt. I intended to quilt in straight lines but took a wrong turn in the centre and now it's on diagonals, it looks much better. A happy accident.

My beloved sewing pals have been available throughout for feedback on the quilt's comfiness.

The kids and I watched all of the videos by the amazing CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield this week, they are an absolute must see. Highlights include him wringing out a flannel (yes - really!) and watching him singing David Bowie's "Space Oddity" is an unexpectedly moving experience. If you have kids you must watch them all on YouTube, if you don't have kids, you must watch them all on YouTube.

Not quite so meaningful, but entertaining none the less, is watching someone try and feed Ryan Gosling cereal.

It's the Portland Quilt Market right now, I'll be following the pictures on Instagram to see glimpses of the beautiful booths and upcoming fabric collections. You can search for them all here.

So whether you are sewing, wringing out flannels in boring old gravity or actually feeding Ryan Gosling cereal (lucky you) - happy weekend!


  1. I just love your painted plant pot idea, Kate and am so stealing it! I keep walking past our deck and feel it needs some colour lifted into it.Perfect, thank you!

    Those fabric combos are just to die that bottom right floral Leah Duncan? Am so needing some of that!

    Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Been meaning to do it for ages Karen, it was so easy! I used the same gloss as the front door, I've used wall paint testers before and they didn't last that long, but did weather nicely. I also masked off the bottom to get a nice clean line. That fabric is Leah Duncan, such a great collection!

  2. Love your Medallion quilting, I've been stumped on what to do!