Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pins and tins and other things

The humble patchwork pin. Florence introduced me to these, and I'm so glad she did. My old pins were getting a bit blunt and prone to snagging threads when used, so the idea of something a bit finer and more friendly towards fabric was very appealing. These pins are finer, a bit longer and more flexible making them really easy to guide through layers of fabric. They have been wonderful for my medallion quilt.

The box they come in is a bit of a fiddle to open so when wandering around a new Paperchase at the weekend (one of my favourite shops being obsessed with stationary as I am) I found these tiny 'collectable' tins that are perfect for homing my lovely patchwork pins.

I do have a bit of a thing about haberdashery too, and have been using these great Clover wonder clips when sewing the binding on my quilt, they are so much easier than pinning like I usually do.

Binding is my favourite bit of making a quilt, or maybe choosing the fabrics, let's say both. I like the slow pace of binding, tidying up the rough edges and making it look perfect and finished. I like sitting under the new weight of it on my sofa, while it's still perfect and all mine.


  1. Yes, I like that bit of binding a quilt for those reasons too! I love the tin - if it's collectable, you need more than one, yes?

  2. Ooooh new Paperchase???
    Those pins look lovely x