Monday, 5 August 2013

New shades of grey

I've had loads of new Kona fabrics arriving over the last few weeks, including brand new colours like Wasabi, Valentine and Pewter which are new to Kona this Summer. They are all rather lovely, do let me know if you think there is a colour I am lacking, I don't want to suggest that I order them based on what looks pretty and takes my fancy. But really, that is my highly secretive, advanced buying technique.

Also in are some great new Brussels Washer colours, this rayon/linen blend is extra wide, drapey and perfect for dressmaking. And look, here is it in your favourite yarn dyed shades, denim and black.

There is also in silver and charcoal. If you were thinking it would make a great dress, then you would be right.


These great squared elements blenders are also new in... yes, you could use a few of those in your stash.

There are even some lovely Blythe prints in too, yes that rose print is pretty nice.

Well, I think that's everything, personally I am holding my breath as Koi and Tule are expected this month.

I should also mention that next week (12th - 16th August) I shall be closed again in my attempts to juggle motherhood/school holidays/working. So bear with me till September when all shall return to relative normality.


  1. Hi Kate

    I agree with you, the Brussels Washer Colours look absolutely fantastic for dressmaking. Can I be rather cheeky and suggest you add photos like the ones on your blog to your website too? They show the texture of the fabric much more clearly than your traditional blocks. Anyhow, you're going to bankrupt me one of these days...

    1. That's an excellent idea Jenny, thank you - I'll see what I can do!