Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New in: Saltspring dress by Sewaholic

With perfect timing for this glorious British Summer we are having, the new Saltspring dress by Sewaholic has just arrived.

The Saltspring Dress is a breezy, relaxed sundress perfect for hot summer nights and days at the beach. It comes in two lengths, a full-length maxi dress and an above-knee length dress. What’s neat about this dress is the construction.

The inner layer is shorter than the outer layer, which causes the blousiness to sit neatly at the waistline. No need to tuck and then ‘blouse’ the dress yourself, having it slip out of place during the day. You’ll always look effortlessly put-together!

Easy-to-sew inseam pockets make this dress practical as well as stylish. The straps tie in a bow at the shoulders, making it easily adjustable.  

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