Thursday, 12 December 2013


I am looking forward to Christmas; to having some time off, eating, Christmas films (preferably with talking animals), sitting infront of my mum's fire, going for long walks by the sea, being free of school for 2 whole weeks, presents, mulled wine. I am anticipating it all like a cast-away searching for fresh water. And the new year too; turning over a new chapter in 2014, shaking off 2013, a long, hard year.

Source: Mr Printables

One things I love about Christmas is getting stuck into some craft, the days are short, the weather often dreadful and someone is usually too ill to go out. Last Christmas, we coloured in this epic Christmas tree, I am wondering if the kids are prepared to do it again this year (I am). Mr Printables, (what other career could he chose with a name like that) has many delicious printables for us, look at this super cute polar bear wrapping.

I also love:

Also, my new obsession is felt balls, I bought a bag from Blooming Felt, and strung them together to make a garland (or cat magnet) for the Christmas tree. I love them so much, and have had to restrain myself from buying many more.

Another post to follow on Christmas opening hours, please share any great Christmas craft links, Christmas breakfast ideas, favourite Christmas films involving talking animals (for the record ours is The Search for Santa Paws - a classic).


  1. Lovely ideas! Your felt balls look great - did you use embroidery thread for them or normal cotton? I hope that you get some well deserved rest this Christmas!

    1. Thanks Kate, I used waxed cord for this one, but used bakers twine (the one that I tie my orders with) for another and it was much better

  2. Oh, that top photo is just fabulous... Wish I hadn't bought a tree now!