Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Made: the Triangle Quilt

My last quilt of 2013: the Triangle Quilt. Made for an old friend in need of a quilt (well, something of a presumption, but who wouldn't need a quilt?).

I boldly chose colours that I thought she would like, and it was fun to venture out of my usual palette of colours. Clementine has been a really popular colour during 2013, so it was pretty easy to pick out that side and I couldn't resist putting in a fair bit of Tule.

Chip with an eye on quality control
The triangles are big: the sides measure 21cm, so it went together really quickly after the initial fiddling around to make the pattern random enough, not having the same colours next to each other and having the bolder pieces spaced apart. 

I used Kona navy for the backing, it just fitted, just. Then having whipped through the top, I managed to make an awful mess of the quilting as usual. A combination of ploughing in without enough thought, wanting to get it over, and hoping it would turn out ok, didn't work. It took me about 3 goes to get the quilting right, even though it was just straight lines in the end.

And despite thinking this quilt would be started and finished in half term, I have only just managed to finish binding it this week.

You can find the fabrics I used for this quilt here, although a few are sold out now, let me know if you want to make this quilt yourself, and need some extra fabric choices.

Now all I have to do is wrap it up and send it off (oh after I have removed the white fluff from the back, poor choice to put a navy quilt back on a fluffy white rug).

Hope you are finding time to finish off your makes before Christmas!


  1. Love that quilt, that's my New Year project sorted.

  2. It's absolutely beautiful Kate, I love the combination of fabrics. Your friend is very lucky! Just finishing off the very last bit of binding on my son's xmas quilt… x

  3. Haha, total sympathy!

    But yours looks beautiful, and I'm pretty sure your friend will be over the moon. :)

  4. Hmmm... only just catching up with some blogs! A beautiful quilt, what a lucky duck friend.