Friday, 14 May 2010

Boden preview!

Last week I went to a preview of the Autumn/Winter 2010 Boden collection.

When I think about Boden, primarily I think big recognisable prints which perhaps is why I like the new teen range with it's restraint and pretty details, it's like Boden, but in disguise.

The collection was set out in a stunning building and the staging was beautiful. Really beautiful, I was there to see the clothes, but I had to admire how they were displayed, from the pictures on the walls to the iconic furniture, I hope my photos do it justice.

So to the collection, and ladies first. As I mentioned before I don't wear a great deal of women's Boden, mostly sticking to staples such as plain tops and the odd pair of trousers. Those prints are just a bit too much for me, but this collection, and maybe it's because it's for Autumn/Winter, showed far more restraint; lovely plummy colours, pretty prints, buttery soft leather jackets.

look how the print on the dress matches the one on the picture!

There were a couple of stripy tops that I know I will buy as they will be so easy to wear. I also liked this needle cord dress with pretty gathering around the neck. There was one mac with a bonkers print on which made me smile, because it couldn't be more Boden.

What I really wanted to see was the teen range. And it didn't disappoint, I found myself going along the rail thinking, I'd have that, and that, oh and that, the kids would think that was hilarious (*pic below), and I'll take a couple of those too.

I saw some decidedly non-teens keenly trying this jacket on, isn't it gorgeous over this dress?

I think this was my favourite from the day, the photo doesn't do it justice, but the print, fit, details, it's just perfect and it will be mine. There were a couple of other lovely dresses too;

Also in the range were pretty camisole tops, think vintage style prints and cute details. Skirts far too short for any one over 19, but very cool non the less, and some funny stuff.

*This is the one the kids would love (I mean my pre-schoolers, I'm not trying to be street).

Moving on to the kids, the staging upped it's game, Jane Foster prints on the wall, a miniature Eames rocker, try not to be frightened by the headless baby climbing out of the cot. Oh and some cute baby clothes too.

But look at the girl's range, there were people with children there and I would have loved to have got my 5 year old's take on the clothes. There was one dusky pink ballerina style skirt with layers of soft netting that she absolutely would have picked out, and I probably would have had to prise it from her hands before we left.

There were some big prints, but where better to find them on coats and wellies. Overall the range felt more grown up to me.

After the teen dress, this was my next favourite of the day, the whole outfit is just perfect even down to the bronze pumps.

One disappointment of the day was not getting the chance to speak to any of the designers of the teen collection - I would have loved to have learnt more about the design process.

I was in the swimming pool changing rooms with my daughter the other day and I heard a mum admiring another child's swimming costume. Apparently the mum had bought it from a supermarket because she had though it was 'very Boden' and had picked up a top with the same idea too. I love that Boden can be used as a adjective!

So what do you think? anything here that catches your eye? I'd love to read any comments.


  1. I absolutely LOVE everything in the first clothes photo, with the exception of the beret (I'm not good with hats). I especially love the print dress with leather jacket and mustard scarf. I only noticed on my second look at the photo that the boots and bag matched too! You lucky thing, I'd have loved to have been there.

  2. Oh you lucky thing.
    I like the sound of it all looking a little more restrained. I always like the bold prints in the catalogue but feel they spell Boden too much, in so many words I love the quality of boden and style but don't feel the need to stand out in a crowd just because I'm wearing it. Saying that I always love they bold prints for the kids. OH I hope that all makes sense!!!

  3. I can't do berets either! I hadn't even noticed that bag, it's a lovely colour. Sew obsessed, I agree - that makes complete sense!

  4. Looks good, liking the mustard more than I have previously. Think the kids' snowsuit and jacket is an attempt to emulate Katvig but with a honeycomb feel. I don't buy it for myself but have plenty of second hand for my children and they do love it.

  5. What about Johnnie B boys range for autumn/winter 2010, any nice coats? I have been waiting for a really nice teen boy coat from Boden for years now!

  6. How did you get access to this? I would love to have been there!!

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