Monday, 3 May 2010

Tie - top take three

To my surprise I actually did manage to finish my tie-top from 'Les Couleurs Francaises' this weekend, thanks in no small part to the rubbish bank holiday weather keeping us in the house.

You can see my 2 draft versions of this top here and here. I made it from Anna Maria Horner Little Folks voile, in anticipation of stocking this fabric at 'M is for make' imminently. I am always searching for pretty dress-making rather than quilting fabric and this voile is perfect, it's so soft, drapes well and has a lovely sheen. I can't wait to use more of it.

The finished top has turned out well, I love the details, although they are a little hidden in the print, it has gathering along the seam on the bust and a pleat where the tie joins the top at the shoulder.

It fits nicely, when I make it in a different fabric, I will make the arm-holes maybe half a centimetre bigger as they feel a little tight, even though they didn't on the draft version. Also despite adding quite a bit to the length, I would still like to add maybe an inch more. I had first intended to make the top from Nani Iro fabric, but changed my mind last minute so had the wrong colour bias-binding, but you can't see it when it's on.

I had a great moment whilst putting it on, where I found myself looking for a label so I knew which way was the front and then realising that of course, there wasn't one.


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous, looks like something you'd see in Anthropologie. Well done!

  2. This is lovely :) Although I like your duvet cover versions too!

  3. Love that fabric! I think I will definitely be picking your brains about Brighton - I hadn't even clocked that... I should have made it to the childrens festival on Saturday, looks great, Ruby had other ideas - apparently throwing yourself on the floor screaming and riling your mother and father is well... better.

  4. Thanks all for your lovely comments.

    Happy to offer suggestions on the best places to live for pubs/schools/parks in Brighton, send me an email when you're ready!