Sunday, 28 November 2010

Books for Christmas

I think books are a great present for anyone who loves sewing and crafting and there are so many amazing ones to chose from. Here is a selection of books that I have given or been given and a few I wouldn't mind adding to my bookshelf too.

Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing (above) is beautifully laid out with straight-forward projects that you would actually want to make, (rather than just look at). I have this book and have made loads from it including several doorstops, a draft excluder and door tidy.

Meet Me at Mike's and the new and nearly available Sew La Tea Do are by Pip Lincolne from the brilliant blog Meet me at Mike's who has without doubt the best about page ever. These would make very cool gifts. I love any book that is spiral bound, and this book is not just about sewing, it shows you a number of different crafts.

If you or someone you know loves all things Japanese and Zakka, then have a look at Zakka Sewing. You will be pleased to hear that the instructions are IN ENGLISH! I bought this book a few years ago, and still enjoy looking through the gorgeous projects and planning what I will make. I even have some felt for the teacosy on the cover (despite the fact I don't ever use a teapot).

Anna Maria Horner has several books out. As you would expect they are beautiful, Seams to Me  would make a lovely present for someone new to sewing or Handmade Beginnings would be perfect for a new mum.

If you fancy designing your own fabric by printing at home, then I recommend Printing by Hand book (which I mentioned before here). It comes with some beautiful stencils to use and covers stamping, screenprinting, stenciling.

Or if you plan to have a go at printing your own fabrics through Spoonflower, then here are some great reference books.

I use Pattern and Palette Sourcebook all the time, I can't recommend it enough if you struggle to find colours that go together.

I have mentioned this book before too (I was given it for Christmas last year!), if you are a fan of 1950's fabrics and Lucienne Day you will love The Fifties by the V & A.

The Petit Pattern series of books has been on my Amazon wishlist, FOREVER. They are quite pricey but maybe worth the investment if you are a fan of a particular style. The  Scandinavian and Japanese ones are my favourites of course.

Scandinavian and Japanese petit pattern

And finally if you or a friend are thinking of doing your crafty thing for a living then I also recommend Craft, Inc (there is a brand new sequel Creative, Inc too). They are written for the American market, but the advice and ideas are relevant elsewhere in the world. Also it's a really pretty book, I'm a sucker for the curved edges on the pages.

Honestly I could probably carry on all day suggesting books, I have had to stop myself from suggesting a hundred pretty kids books and coffee table books. But if there are any good sewing books you would recommend, please do share with a comment.


  1. Brilliant! I'll 'accidentally' leave this page open for my husband to see. Thanks x

  2. Some lovely suggestions Kate and great fabric suggestions too. Somebody on my blog recommended Meet me at Mike's and I think it's a lovely book, I'll definitely be trying out the clutch bag. The styling is to die for, probably my favourite ever in a craft/sewing book. I've got the V & A 50's prints book too. Must now find a way of translating all these book suggestions to my husband whilst letting him think it was his idea! x

  3. Glad I can be of help with your Christmas presents! Am going to have a closer look at the 'Meet me at Mike's' book, Jane, I do love some creative styling!

  4. I have just finished making the oven gloves from Lotta's book! I love that book, it is my favourite sewing book - it's simple, stylish and the instructions are well written. I've made about 4 projects from it, whereas other books I just look at and never make from. I hadn't heard of the Pattern and Palette series of books though. They look lovely, I'm definitely adding them to my list. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Gosh what a lot of tempting books. Have just discovered your lovely blog and am now looking forward to sitting in front of the fire going through the archives! Penny L in waiting for it to snow in Dorset

  6. Hi Penny, glad you found me! It is freezing and snowy in Brighton tonight!