Thursday, 2 December 2010

The first rule of snow club...

So finally, about a week after everyone else in the UK, we get snow in Brighton and loads of it. It started yesterday when I found myself out of town and had to gingerly drive home in the slush thus firmly adding another fear to my already well populated list;

Kate's list of fears

1. scary films
2. buttons used as embellishment
3. public speaking
4. clowns
5. blood
6. *new entry!* driving in the snow

(These are in no specific order of fear)

So this is the first rule of snow club: do not find yourself a long way from home when it starts snowing.

cat footprints

Back home safely, we have had loads more overnight and it's me, the kids and the central heating which is just how it should be on a snow day. By lunchtime, only the cat has briefly ventured outdoors, the kids are still in their PJ's and I am contemplating making a snow man.


  1. I agree totally, in fact I've decided not to go to my last craft fair tonight because I'm too scared to drive in the snow (or rather, ice where I am). I'm scared of clowns too! x

  2. My list would include motorways snowed & unsnowed upon. The buttons is an odd one though - is it because you think it's in poor taste or because you don't like sewing them on? Or something weirder?


  3. Don't do it Jane. Otherwise, later tonight your car will be sliding helplessly towards the most expensive one parked on the road and you'll be thinking 'why did I break the first rule of snow club?".

  4. Buttons, I can assure you it's nothing sinister, I don't mind them as a fastener, I'd just like to outlaw their use as an embellishment.

  5. Snow is ok to drive in but ice is definitely scary, and it's worse when you get idiots overtaking at 40mph becausee they are sooo clever...
    I was in Brighton as a student and I remember one year it snowed so heavily that the whole town came to a standstill with buses just stuck in the middle of the road, but it was very pretty, especially going for walks past the racecourse.

  6. Jolly good advice - especially if hills are involved.

    Fire, stew and a bottle of wine the kids, but not the wine bit - if that makes sense?

    Nina x

  7. Worthing is enjoying it as much as big brother Brighton! Snow club... fantastic!