Saturday, 18 December 2010

Paper skills

I learnt the most amazing new skill this week that I have to share with you because it is FUN and COOL. And it doesn't get much better than that.

We are trapped in today because of the fastest ever mini blizzard and sudden thaw. It may be spring by this afternoon at this rate (or at least I can hope). But in the meantime, there is festive-themed craft to be done. And you are totally going to want to make one of these.

Here are my quick instructions, it may take a couple of goes, but once you've figured out out, they are really quick to make.

1. Cut a sheet of paper into a square and fold across the diagonal to make a triangle.

2. Fold it in half again to make a smaller triangle

3. Cut 2 (or 3 if you are feeling fancy) lines across the triangle, going from the open end to the fold stopping about 1 to 2cm from the fold. The cut should be parallel to the hypotenuse.

It should look like this when you open it up. It may take a couple of goes to get this right. You need to make 9 of these, and it is possible to cut 3 or 4 in one go if you stack them together.

4. Cut a load of short pieces (18) of cello-tape ready. Peel in the first two sections and stick them together in the middle, it should be possible to fit your finger into the gap.

5. Turn it over and do the same with the next 2 sections on the other side

6. Turn it over and do the same again with the last 2 sections (if you made 2 cuts in step 3).

7. Make 8 more of these.

8. In groups of 3, attach them together in the middle and where they meet on the side. Try and match them up so that they are symmetrical and so meet in the same place. I stapled them together, but tape works too.

9. When you have the 3 groups of 3, join these together in the same way, at the centre and sides, again making them symmetrical.

10. And you are done, a thing of beauty. Paper snowflakes will never be the same again.

11. This step is optional, but send me a pic if you make one.


  1. Oh wow, I am definitely making some of those!

  2. Er... did you know how to make these on thursday?

  3. Yes Amy, sorry, I should have shown you, how remiss of me...

  4. Oh these are amazing. I have added it to pinterest and will definitely be making some of these.

  5. I just made this! I love it! Your directions were very clear and I had no problem! I used 3 different patterns of scrapbook paper. My squares were 6 in. x 6 in. I will send you a photo on your email. Great post! I actually found you on Pinterest!

  6. jUST MADE ONE.omg.. it's will use it as a centrepiece,and make smaller versions to hang from ceiling... found u on Pinterest...Great blog...x

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