Thursday, 10 November 2011

Boden Spring/Summer 2012 preview

Yesterday, I went to a preview of the Boden Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

It was quite a contrast to the Autumn/Winter preview with the amazing taxi to greet us and central Boden wrapped display. I have to admit I was a little disappointed as that was a feast for the eyes. But there is this whole global recession thing going and this was reflected in the display.

Not to say that there weren't the usual details I love, like this wall...

Which brings me first to the women's collection. Again, it was more subdued, with a notable lack of the bold, mad prints that you associate with Boden. There were a few though (you can spot them in this photo).

I loved the colours in this set, even in the prints. I definitely had my eye on this knit dress...

I loved the pretty details like scalloped edges, dobby dot shirts, peter pan collars.

There were little splashes of colour on cashmere...

and on sandals...

I loved the pleats repeated on the sleeves and neckline, making a note to try this myself.

Loved all these colours, and especially the dress at the front, the band sleeves, peter pan collar and it had a slight gather at the waist, I wish I'd got a better photo. I think it was from the Limited Collection.

 There was a lot of excitement over this satchel, I'll show you another photo later, but I saw a lot of pointing and the use of the word 'mine'. Apparently things don't go missing at press days... 

There was a party rail including coordinated dresses for women and girl's.

Some incredible detail...

Love this outfit, I couldn't wear it, not being nearly grown up enough, they used ribbon for belts, doesn't it make a difference?

I was very drawn to the neckline on this dress, I have been thinking of making a top with a similar one, but dropped lower, so again, took a few notes.

 And for you lucky pregnant ladies out there...

 Next onto teen, which I personally wear as I feel the woman's range is not my demographic. The teen range has been brought back down (in age) to being more teen focused. So maybe a 30-something range is in order?

But even so, I loved the tops and dresses with their pretty details and baby soft fabric. The skirts and shorts are off course far too short for me, being not a teen. They also had some pretty swimwear.

I covet these bright red sandals...

Loved the fabric on this skirt, note also the stripes in the background.

Boden are trying to tone down the prints in children's wear too, aware that you can have too much of a good thing. They really love the prints and it has been an exercise of restraint, but I love the results and there is the odd big print in there for those who need them.

Take this amazing dog print skirt and seagull top...

 I absolutely adore this.

Between this and the maternity dresses, Boden seem hell-bent on persuading me to have a third child. But it will take more than that, I am strong.

 At 7 years old, my daughter still loves pink, so I have to choose clothes carefully so that they will actually get worn. I think this dress would fulfill her need for pink and my need for muted!

I love this combination and the top especially.

More sandals and some very cute pull-on plimsolls.

And the obligatory cute baby top ...

I nearly missed menswear, but somebody pointed it out to me 'over there with the bright jeans...'

I have to respect any man who would wear a pink gingham shirt with confidence.

The more neutral Boden man likes to holiday in Switzerland...

Stripe fans (and I am the head of that fan club) will not be disappointed...

And there is that satchel again, I can't decide which is best, tan or purple?

It was a lovely day out and always such a pleasure to meet everyone at Boden, probably the friendliest company ever. I also got to meet some fellow Boden bloggers; Laura Mannering who wrote this inspiring post about her travels following the end of a relationship. Also Abi Day from the Angel Eden blog.

Just before I left, the lovely Judi, who is one of the voices of Boden on Twitter,  and a fellow craft nerd, showed me these amazing stamps they had made up to decorate the room. The flag in the background is a doormat to give you an idea of scale.

I emerged from the preview to be faced with helicopters overhead and riot police strolling through Covent Garden. A rather rude awakening, luckily I didn't get caught up in the student demos and drifted my way back to Brighton on the train already looking forward to next time.


  1. OOOh lucky you - it does all look rather lovely x

  2. I always enjoy looking at your Boden sneak peaks. Though I fear the satchel is going the same way as that 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster....

  3. Great post as always Kate! Lovely to meet you again and chat about all things creative & crafty. Look forward to your next blog :)

  4. Your pics have made me want to shop the Boden preview collection even more than those posted on the actual Boden sight! Love all the colour combos and prints, very me :) Thanks for such a great post x

  5. Can you tell us where we can get the stamp rug that features in the pictures? Thanks x