Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Cato

I'm working on a new craft project for the Boden blog today, something festive using Echo. It's just me and my cat Foxy, and she is powerless to resist the lure of a dangling piece of fabric. A kitten at heart. 

One of her favourite games is to follow me when I am bleary eyed in the morning and pounce on my untied dressing gown belt. I feel a little like Inspector Clouseau, and she is my Cato. I haven't yet stumbled down the stairs whilst under her attack making me think that I am still on my game, but I know my cat assassin will get me one day.

see how her paws move so quickly - they are a blur

Here is a little sneak peak of what I have been working on, what is your favourite Christmas craft? Personally, I can't wait to get making these again.


  1. Foxy sure is gorgeous. A couple of Christmas's ago I took a class teaching the kids how to make the paper stars/snowflakes. They were a real hit with the kids and the teachers.

  2. I love making Christmas things. Plus this year we are having Christmas at home so I am very excited about decorating.

  3. Lovely cat and lovely snowflakes. I love to crochet snowflakes - a lovely break from all the sewing!