Sunday, 22 January 2012


This Sunday it was free to get into the Brighton Royal Pavillion. Whenever we walk past, the kids always ask to go in, but it's pretty expensive. So this was the perfect chance to explore for free.

Unfortunately, the rest of Brighton has the same idea, so we went to the pier instead.

You can just see the remains of the old West Pier in the distance in the photo below. I used to love that pier, it was so beautiful, eclipsing it's brash neighbour, the Palace Pier. When we first moved to Brighton we lived quite near to it and I used to love walking along the beach in the evening and seeing the swallows move around the pier as a huge flock, I think 'murmuration' is the word. Sadly, this was the end of the West Pier.

In that brash pier though, it is brilliant fun to waste someone else's 2p's in a machine that will give you one back for every 10 you put in. And so addictive, all around you, you can hear the sound of machines throwing out money (although I think this is mostly the ones that give you change to feed into them). The kids love it, see the look of addiction/joy on my son's face in the bottom left below, we pretty much had to drag him out.

Brighton now has it's own big wheel on the seafront. I haven't been on it myself, it went up really quickly before Christmas, one day there was a quarter wheel, then a half, then a full circle.

I used instagram on my husband's iPhone to take these photos, it makes me yearn to join the rest of the population and buy one, just so I can use this app. It was a bit hard today as it was really bright at times (hence the first photo looking like it was taken at night) but the filters are so clever and make an average photo look wonderful. Anyone else use it?

I hope you have had a lovely Sunday,



  1. How lovely day, i love walking among southsea's pier in portsmouth.
    Instagram it's a smart way to capture nice pics with a touch! ^_^

  2. The first photo was my favourite. I haven't got one of these phones either but I think I may have to bite the bullet and get one....or I'll be left behind.

  3. Oh the wheel - I forgot the wheel was coming, I suppose we should too!

  4. Oh I spent so many summers in Brighton as a kid! I love it :)
    My mum cried about the West Pier - it was so beautiful!