Friday, 20 January 2012

New fabric in this week...

So much new fabric in this week, I've been waiting for some of this fabric for nearly a year now, so it's really exciting to finally see it all. I'm really pleased to see the return of the Echino car print, one of my favourite prints ever. Also these beautiful Kokka linens which are light and drapey and perfect for making clothes, I am definitely going to make something in this or this.

Also back in a new colourway are the popular Echino patchwork prints, and some very cute animal prints.

Some more great prints for kids, some apples, owls and sewing notions. The comic print is really cool and deserves a close up...

These beautiful Echino 'Wish' border prints are always popular too, I think they would make a beautiful skirt.

And finally, I have been waiting so long for these, some new Nani Iro fabrics, they are so beautiful, I am desperate to get sewing for spring and summer now...


  1. OMG I love Nani Iro fabrics, I'm so glad you are stocking these. I will be ordering those (along with some of that comic print) for deffo! Once payday has been :o)

  2. So looking to make a boys / men quilt the cars would fit in perfect!! Kx

  3. How do you actually manage to remember to feed the kids and walk the dog when you have all these to 'entertain' you!?

  4. It's easy, the dog can't go out yet and the kids have school dinners :)

  5. What wonderful new fabrics......I have a dress to make for a wedding and have been very undecided about what to I know it will be kokka linen or nani iro....yay........but I will still have to make a choice to decide which to go for, oh well! Juliex

  6. Kokka is my fav brand of fabrics, thank you for this selection Kate ^_^