Monday, 16 January 2012

In the middle of something...

  • This weekend I found myself in the middle of something I didn't really understand
  • That thing was quilting
  • Thankfully there are tutorials for everything on the internet
  • Sandwiching the 3 layers of quilt together, smooth and lined up is extremely tricky
  • Finding an urchin doing a snow angel on that smooth quilt makes the process more complicated
  • Smooth quilts are also irresistible to puppies
    • The puppy found herself visiting the emergency vet this weekend, leaving me shedding tears over that floppy eared destroyer of cardboard and gardens
    • Ibuprofen is magical for poorly dogs and kids. I love it's mystical powers
    • This is definitely the biggest sewing project I have undertaken
    • Why on earth did I make it so big?
    • 'Stitch in the ditch' makes me snigger, I know, it's childish
    • I probably should have bought a special foot for my machine for this
    • Seeing my resident urchins snuggled under this unfinished quilt before school this morning made me very happy
    • Today I am going to have a go at binding it using this excellent tutorial by Katy, wish me luck!


    1. It's going to be beautiful Kate. Good luck! x

    2. Looks super - makes me want a go.

    3. ooo, how lovely! the colours are amazing :)

    4. Stopped in the middle of giveaway blog post writing to say - WOW! That looks tremendous....! It looks so gorgeously cosy....

    5. Looks amazing! Now I'm itching to get quilting once my studio's set up :)

    6. Gasp! I adore the colours & the patterns you've chosen - such a riot of brightness. No wonder it's irresistible to your cuddly ones ....

    7. It looks lovely and snuggly. Is there a name for the pattern you've used, i.e. that way you've laid out your fabric?
      Nina (#lilbluelephant)

    8. Thanks all for your lovely comments. Nina it is a disappearing 9 patch (as suggested by my clever readers!)