Monday, 31 December 2012


2012 started with great promise, the year in which I finally quit my day job to commit to M is for make full time. It started with the amazing technicoloured dream quilt, the first I had finished and the one I use the most.

In February, I finally finished the gathering flowers quilt for my daughter, almost a year in the making. Not ably assisted by the new addition to our house; Meg. Meg who chewed through the power cable of my sewing machine allowing another new addition to the house. I wuv you new sewing machine.

New addition #2
March found me nostalgic for the kind of quilts my mum made when I was a child and I embarked on my first trip into English paper piecing. Enter the Rogue Hexagon Quilt. How I love this quilt, these are my most favourite colours. This one went to my boy and saw him wrapped up in it whatever the weather at night, and me trying to unwrap him so that he isn't slow-baked by the morning. I finally finished the quilt here.

New look M is for make

I spent months working on the new look M is for make behind the scenes, I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

The Summer was spent on my next EPP quilt for better and for worse. I spent quite a lot of the Christmas holidays adding to this quilt and still think it might be my favourite; so many memories. I've decided that whatever project I have on the go, I will always have an EPP quilt as backup to travel with me. I will share the finished quilt (when hopefully I finish it) in 2013.

I made my first quilt for a gift in October and thoroughly love this Chickopee quilt as it fueled my obsession with triangles.

I am still struggling to make sense of life after Autumn, waking up one morning blissfully unaware of how everything will change that day. Things that have become clear this year are the importance of family, friends, memories, taking photos. In 2012 I have appreciated the extraordinary kindness of friends and been marked by experiences that I will never forget.

The last few months of the year have been spent busy sewing 2 very special quilts for Christmas, I will share them with you in more detail next year, but yes, they involve triangles.

November: for my sister
December: for my mum
And on the last day of 2012 I feel very ready for 2013, how about you? Ready for something new and great, and look; here they are...

Hello Kitty
Wishing you a happy new year, and thank you so much for joining me in 2012,



  1. They are completely gorgeous (kittens and the quilts too)! Wishing you a very happy 2013!

  2. Beautiful work Kate, and I love the shop ;-) Here's hoping for a happier 2013!

  3. Cute kittens and beautiful quilts. I am aiming to make a quilt with triangles this year -the last I made as s teenager wss hexagons and diamonds.

  4. I hope that 2013 brings you peace and lots of new memories - Happy New Year xxx

  5. I love your shop - you choose your fabrics very wisely which means you're always the first online shop I turn to. Great blog too - I've been inspired to begin a EPP quilt myself. Happy 2013!