Saturday, 15 December 2012

Confronting my old nemesis...

Christmas seems like the perfect time to tackle my old nemesis: zips. I've documented previous bouts with my nemesis, this time, I had my trusty side-kick Janome to help.

I also had an instruction manual and a new zipper foot to help too. The zipper foot on my old machine resembled a flimsy ski that skated along my zips without a care in the world, merrily allowing them to go horribly wrong without a second thought. My new zipper foot is weighty and substantial and not like a ski at all, showing the zip exactly who is the boss; me. Or maybe my machine, the jury is out.

For concealed zips (I don't know how to do any other) I always baste down the opening first - does anyone else do that? I was taught to at my pattern cutting course, it could be a bit of over-kill but it seems to work really well. And lo - the zip went in with no problems at all, not even any up-picking required, the cushion was finished in near record time.

These cushions are going to be a Christmas present for my nieces, they chose the fabric themselves - excellent taste I think. I used a feather cushion pad inside so they are satisfyingly plump and squishy.

This cushion is made from Fox Family and the next from Vintage Stamps; a long time favourite of mine.

And it's a relief to have 2 more handmade presents wrapped and under the tree, with only a week left I have more sewing to do.

In searching for my zipper foot I discovered a whole bag of feet that came with my machine. No idea what most of them are for, but I suspect some involve hems. I have another more substantial foot on the way too.

Happy feet
I hope your Christmas sewing is going well, still plenty of time, no need to panic at all.


  1. they look fab, Kate and am sure the recipients will be really chuffed. I love zippers (you may have noticed!) but haven't done concealed ones before...maybe I'll have to put that on my "to learn" list for 2013. x

  2. Well done tackling the dreaded zipper. I am like yourself and had a terrible experience and have never dared to go back but after your excellent triumph and 2 beautiful cushions I will a zipper challenge coming on xx

  3. Nice job on the zip. If you go to the Janome website it lists the feet and what they do... notice they all have a letter on them.

    1. oh clever you - I never noticed that vital clue! Thanks!