Friday, 15 March 2013

Happy weekend!

A round up of life this week at M is for make:
  • What's on my sewing machine this week: I am slowly making a medallion quilt from this book. More on that to follow.
  • A great post on taking the best product photos for your Etsy shop. 
  • This article over on the Huffington post really set me thinking. I am always the one behind the camera at my house, there are so few pictures of me and the kids together. It's something I have trying to remedy since reading this - but it's not easy as I really don't like having my photo taken! On the whole I look terrible in photos - it took a professional photographer 4 hours to get this one for Red Magazine in 2011!
  • We had an unexpected snow day on Tuesday. Really, we only had 5cm of snow (cue laughing from my readers in colder climes) but this was enough to close our school, make our roads perilous and cause the dog to sprout a ridiculous snow beard.

snow beard
  • Have you heard about the Great British Sewing Bee? All I can find is that it will be starting in March - so not long to go. It says applicants were asked to 'detail their experience in clothing, tailored items, accessories, home projects, embroidery/appliqué, quilting and customising'. A pretty broad set of skills for your average seamstress, but I suppose these will be above the average. It won't be quite the same without Mel and Sue presenting for me though.
  • I love this skirt made by Jenni from Tsuru 100 Cranes fabric for her son's christening, it's such a pretty print doesn't it look great in a skirt?

  • And lastly, I was absolutely thrilled to be featured on the Guardian website this week in a review of best books, magazines and shops. (M is for make being the shop). Working for yourself and by yourself can be a funny old business sometimes with no one there to give you a cheer when something goes well or a disapproving look when it goes the other way. After I gave up my day job to focus on the shop this felt like somewhing of a defining moment for M is for make and one to celebrate.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. That picture of your dog really made me laugh, that is a tremendous beard ;)

  2. Thanks for those links Kate, they're really interesting! I'm really excited about the Great British Sewing Bee too - I think I read somewhere that it starts of 2nd April, 8pm, BBC2 although I don't know how accurate that is! Congratulations on your Guardian mention and hope you have a great w/e, Sx

  3. That's super news, Kate - how lovely & well deserved. I love the snow dog photo, she looks utterly bonkers. X