Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Muddy Works by Tomotake

Also new in from Kokka is the beautiful 'Muddy Works' collection by Tomotake. If there was ever a mis-named collection, it is this one. The fabric belongs in mud-free areas, preferably wafting around a wild flower meadow with not a hint of mud in sight. It's far to pretty for mud.

It's really hard to do them justice in a photo, but believe me, if you say them in the flesh, you would 'ooh and ahhh' over their loveliness. This 'Currant in Citron' print is going to pull me out of my quilt making phase and back into a bit of dressmaking for summer.

These fabrics are few and far between so if you want them, snap them up now. Look at these two Dandelion prints...

please make me into a summer dress

I also have snapped up the last bolt of this now out of print Anna Maria Horner voile. So if you missed out first time, this may be your last chance...

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