Friday, 21 January 2011

He said he wanted flags...

... so flags it what he got. It's so easy to make, and I had fun choosing the fabrics. I even broke into my cherished stash of fabrics for this one. I'm not sure if you have the same thing, but in my stash of fabrics I have a number of fat quarters that are almost too precious to use.

Almost without exception they are out of print Kokka fabrics and the longer I leave them untouched, the more precious they seem to become. So, I thought that bunting, which we would see everyday, would be perfect for this beloved bird print (I used the green colour way to make this door stop).

I am fairly sure the instructions didn't include stuffing it quite so zealously

I'm increasingly realising that a print is only as good as it's supporting fabric, be it spots or stripes, so I chose Kiyohara stripes and honeycomb spots to coordinate. I then went and found some really pretty new Michael Miller fabrics for the shop with this in mind (coming soon).

Here they are finished, (like his sister) they only adorn one side of his room, I don't trust my DIY skills sufficiently to not worry about them falling down on him in the night.

These glasses were in his stocking at Christmas and have lost their googly eyes. I have taken to putting them on members of his extensive cuddly toy collective when he is not in the room. My husband caught him with his hands on his hips bent over guffawing at the sight of his lion in spectacles. Proving to me that despite his many experiments to test the limits of my (not very well honed) mothering skills he is actually quite lovely sometimes.


  1. Like the bunting! I think he's lovely - Ruby is also lovely sometimes. Today being more outweighed by unlovely. The last person I am going to be making anything today is her. Sorry Ruby but that's an addition to no playmobil. I should make bunting though it looks great!

  2. The fabrics are gorgeous. Yes, I have the fabric hoarding thing too, but I've realised that over several years of Special Fabric Preservation the fabric seems lovelier and lovelier and then very suddenly loses its magic. I'm now trying to force myself to use fabrics while I still love them. My tastes have changed so much over the years sometimes I feel an odd desire to get rid of everything and start stash building from scratch all over again.

    I am sure that you are nothing less than motherly wonderfulness - the bits that you are focusing on are probably just the lovely bits that stop you from being a Stepford Wife and keep you as a characterful, real person.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Florence x

  3. fab bunting, the door stop is v cute too, lovely fabric.