Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The boy in my life...

It's hard to get much past the (3 year old) boy in my life, I made this cushion for his sister a few weeks back, and ever since, he has been reminding me that I must make him one.

So at the weekend, lined up the fabrics above (a notable omission was this rainbow fabric which he loves now, but I think he might find a bit to girly later on this year). And he made the popular choice of the Eau de Mer Zoo fabric.

So today with the first hour of child free time in what feels like a long, long time, I finally got round to making his cushion.

The boy himself is at nursery today, so in his absense, here is Buzz to model it.

The animals are so cute and 70's on this print, the kids always make a bee-line for these lions though and ask me why they are sad.

Usually, the best I can come up with is that maybe they've had a falling out, or are having a bad day (something we can all relate to after a long holiday with too many days spent inside enjoying each others' company). In my head I am thinking 'it's because they are in a zoo'.

Only my daughter has experience of a zoo at Chessington. We were there for a birthday party and we walked through the zoo to get to the rides, it was her first experience of seeing actual wild cats. We walked past the tiger enclosure, and although it was pretty grim, there was a beautiful, massive, tiger sat in the middle, amazing. She cries 'Oh look mummy - a squirrel!'

Having read this back, I should point out that there was also a (clearly more impressive) squirrel in the enclosure, she hadn't confused the tiger for one.


  1. Lovely cushion, great fabric - I hope the boy is suitably appreciative. Also thanks for sharing the squirrel story - that made me laugh out loud!

  2. Thanks Clare, he was surprisingly, almost lost for words, which is very unusual for him...

  3. Great post. Chuckling about the squirrel comment.

  4. Love the cushion, glad the boy did too! My boy also loved his helicopter cushion I made him from the Echino fabric. What is it with little boys and cushions?!

  5. Superb cushion - and Buzz's glinting smile is magic!

  6. Yep - taking Ruby to London Zoo proved a fair waste of time a few months back. Faced with just millimetres between herself and a lion which hit the glass with it's tail (in frustration and anguish! because it's caged! - I can't get my head round whether it was moral to take her to a zoo.... *thinks hard) and she said 'I want to see a different one now mummy' and she said that at every animal within seconds. Total waste of time.

    Love the cushion.

    I will make a cushion.

    But it will be after I finish this bloody cake!!!!! ARGH

  7. Love the cushion. I am about to make a pillow case for a little friend :o) Stop by if you get a chance.

  8. Just found you via SoZo... I have a similar story, I took my host family to the zoo to see all the native Australian animals, but my 4-year-old host sister was more interested in chasing the seagulls. We needn't have paid the entry fee for the zoo at all, as far as she was concerned!