Saturday, 8 January 2011

A new addition

I mentioned the new addition to our family when I made my hunting and gathering top a few weeks back. I've been thinking about getting a mannequin for a while, mostly for showing off fabric and to give an idea of what the prints look like on.

So after chatting to Jane and Florence who have both have new mannequins and after far too much searching on the internet I bought this little beauty.

And she is a beauty, I went for that over anything else. Her size is the same or close to mine if a little larger in places, close enough to model things I have made and do a bit of fitting when I get round to making clothes. And hey, if I give up the running and carry on eating chocolate at my current rate, I think I can make some progress on the sizing issue.

She is in really good condition, and I love the markings, I'd like to know where she was before me (I'd like to imagine in some Chanel sewing room, but this may be a little optimistic). I also like the base which at first I was a little disappointed by as it's not very pretty, but now I think it is functional and can imagine it in some (Chanel?) studio or classroom.

I would love to have her on display in our bedroom but I know I would wake up in the night, see her and think some headless zombie was coming to get me (thanks husband for making me watch the Walking Dead even though it scared me witless). So she is in the fabric shop and has started something of a sort out and tidy up, so that can only be good.

Put to work on day 1 modelling my hunting and gathering top.

All this talk of Chanel reminds me of some amazing videos about their design process that Emily sent me ages ago - do you still have the link Emily? I'd love to watch them again.

Yay! thank you, here is the link.


  1. Beautiful. What really does it for me is the stencils and words printed on the body. I used one on a fashion course- as you can pin on to them you can free cut dresses, do bias stuff and generally mess around with big bits of fabrics and even skip patterns altogether. Lovely

  2. I think you are just showing off the fact you have managed to cut the fabric and tie it so that the grey rose at the front is perfect.

    I just can't quite believe it was simply a happy accident... There must have been some pre-meditation or subconscious pattern cutting genius.

    I think that the mannequin is pretty marvellous!!

  3. Oh, she's gorgeous - very lovely. And lucky you to have to eat up to become the same size as your mannequin...I need to starve myself post-Christmas to get back to being the same size.

    But really more than anything else I'm just reeling at the nonchalant mention of having a fabric shop in your actual house...seeing it written down has suddenly made me aware of the reality of that.... how do you not just sew away the profits and abandon life outside and spend your entire time in there?

    Kerry, was that the draping pattern cutting course at the London College of Fashion? I'm looking into going on it and would love to know what you thought?

    Florence x

  4. Wow, she's so gorgeous! I definitely agree that the writing on her really makes her seem...real, somehow, if that makes sense. Gives her character.

    I also agree with Florence about the fabric shop. The sale is really stretching my New Year Resolution to sew only from the stash...

  5. She's lovely! Does she have a name?
    The Chanel videos are here on Youtube:
    (or just got to Youtube and type 'signe chanel' in the search box). It was a French behind the scenes series about the fashion house, and it's fascinating. Goes some way to explaining why their stuff is so expensive :)

  6. Thanks all fr your comments. Amy - it was a total fluke, but given how many sewing mistakes I have made lately, I was due a happy one.
    Florence, as Amy said to be once, don't get high on your own supply, sadly spare time is rare enough to stop me doing this!
    Thanks Emily, shes doesn't have a name, I think the kids suggested Manny, I'll give it some further thought. Thank you for the link, I will definitely be watching that again.