Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I love you Pond Reflections Dress

It's a while since I posted pictures of pretty things that have caught my eye on Anthropolgie. A girl has to have a hobby, and this is mine. The website is so beautiful (one of my favourites) and they are just putting up more springlike clothes - good for them in mid-January. Check out their Road Trip outfits, the whole collection is beautifully put together.

So here are a few that I like. I shan't be buying them, well, maybe one of the tops if they go on sale (they have great sales) but the dresses, if only I had a wedding to go to...

This top caught my eye because it looks very like my hunting and gathering top with extra frillyness in a Nani Iro print. Great idea for a future mod to this pattern. Love it in this print too, reminds me of some of the tops I loved at the Boden preview.

I really love this dress apart from the asymmetric hem, don't like that at all (but would it work without it?). But maybe with some sharp scissors and a sewing machine I could rectify that. No, bad idea, it would look awful. I love the candy stripes and the way they have been used in the wrap top. It is genius, remember this idea, and go forth and use it.

Quite like this dress, mostly for the fabric, I can spy 2 unnecessary buttons though, and long term readers of this blog should know how I feel about unnecessary buttons. There will be a test later.

The neckline wouldn't work for me, but I love the use of the print on this dress and the pleated neckline. It is similar to one of the girl's dress that I loved at the Boden preview.

This last dress looks really make-able to me, or maybe that is just good design. But I love the gathered neck and how this is pulled in at the waist. Something I tried to do with my dress on my pattern cutting course, but failed.

I love you Pond Reflections Dress
(I'd even be prepared to look past your terrible name)
(and your racer back which would give me all sorts of problems finding a suitable bra)

At the waist is a really simple belt that is the same as the one I used on this dress from Autumn/Winter wear for women.

You should probably have a think about making one of these tomorrow, let me know how you get on.


  1. Yes! I will make one of these tomorrow - for sure.

    It is officially new hobby month apparently. Poring over anthro will unfortunately not be a new hobby but perhaps actually trying out one of those antro repro tutorials will!

  2. Now I've got the Anthropologie wanties...

  3. Daren't visit the site....
    Yeah, I'll whip one up.