Thursday, 31 March 2011

5. Making adjustments

Posts in this series:
1. Sewing from Japanese Craft books - what you will need and an overview
2. Sizing and figuring out the instruction page
3. Tracing out the pattern pieces 
4.  Sewing the garment

So last time I finished making the rough version of the my blouse and decided it needed a few adjustments. Here is it before...

And here is it after...

spot the difference?!

There is less fullness on the sides and I have shortened it to the desired length. I took in the sides by looking at the side seam, from the arm hole down a short distance, the seam was curved, but from then on it was straight to the bottom. So I measured in about 4cm from the side at the bottom of the seam and drew a straight line from this to the point at which the seam became straight. I then added the seam allowance back on.

To take up the hem around the bottom, I measured 5cm (the distance I shortened it, taking into account the amount I wanted to leave to make the hem) all the way along parallel to the bottom of the pattern piece and then joined it up.

I did these adjustments to both the front and back bodice.

So my pattern pieces are ready to go. Now I just have to choose my fabric. I'd always been planning to make it from voile as I think it would be perfect for this top. So the question is, which one?

Blush from the Innocent Crush collection?

Or maybe Heather?

Who I am kidding? whilst these are both very lovely, I've known right from the start that it was going to be sixpence.

So I am going to get sewing. I need to pre-wash my fabric, and get a few supplies including an overlock foot to tidy my seams after having a revelation reading this post by Gertie and then spurred on by this post by Jane.

Speaking of Jane, she has already finished her skirt from Simple Chic and I think it looks amazing, I hope this has given you some inspiration. This is the first garment Jane has made from a Japanese pattern book.

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