Thursday 3 December 2009

Pattern cutting progress

Its been a few weeks since I've written about my progress on pattern cutting. We've had a couple of weeks in the classroom learning techniques like moving darts around, using seams and yokes. We also learnt about adding flare to skirts and different kinds of pleats. It gave me a much better understanding of how pattern cutting really works, there was lots of cutting and pasting of pieces of paper to make half scale patterns, it was good fun.

In the background I have been slowly finishing my bodice block pattern. Last time I wrote about it, I'd had my toile fitted, since then I have drawn all the adjustments onto the toile, (places it was taken in and let out), then unpicked it all. I then transferred these changes back to my original pattern which was tricky, the adjustments weren't even on both sides so I had to average them out. The front pattern (on the right) had too much material so I had to put a tuck in it from top to bottom and re-do the darts.

Next I traced this pattern onto card to make my final block pattern, and here it is finished.

I can now use this as a basis to make any fitted garment (there is a separate pattern for a loose fitting bodice). As I'm making a dress, I have to extend the pattern down to make the skirt part. My dress will be quite flared so I may have to play with the angle that it comes out at the sides.

I have finally designed my dress after finding quite a lot of inspiration in the shops this week, there are some beautiful dresses around at the moment, albeit winter ones and I am making a dress for spring/summer. But there are some lovely details I have seen that I want to incorporate. I'll save that for another post though...