Monday 28 May 2012

Quilt Blocks by Ellen Luckett Baker now in stock

The colours, the patterns; this collection is close to perfection. You can find it here.

Wednesday 23 May 2012

15% off Echino and Kokka

From now until 9pm on 26th May, enter the code 'ECHINO15' at the checkout for a discount on all Kokka and Echino fabric. Including the lovely fabric shown above and Melody Miller. Happy shopping! You can find all the fabrics in this sale here.

Limited Edition bundle

This weeks bundle, 10% off and available until 8am on Wednesday 30th May, you can find it here.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Finding the words

As my hexagon quilt is coming very close to being finished with just one row of hexagons to add, I have been thinking about quilting and binding it. The backing, binding and batting are pre-washed and ready to go. Finally I have a chance to dust of my beautiful new machine and stop sewing by hand which is great as that hand is rather sore from it all and it has almost had enough.

I've also been thinking about some words to put on the back of the quilt (which is for my son) and my machine (a Janome  TXL 607) does lettering. I thought it would be beyond me, but it was really easy and great fun to program in a series of letters.

I would want to have a practice run before going for the real thing, especially if putting in a long sentence 'to my darling boy, mummy wuvs you very much, kisses and smooches xxx'.

I'm not really going to write that, so far all I can think of putting is his name and the date, but I want a little more than that - something that he won't cringe at when he is older. 'Mummy wuvs you' is perhaps not the way to go.

So what to write - any thoughts?

Thursday 17 May 2012

Summersville by Lucie Summers

Just arrived - 'Summersville', Lucie Summers first collection for Moda fabrics.

You can find it here!

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Limited Edition bundle

This week's limited edition bundle; 10% off and available until 8am on Wednesday 23rd May, you can find it here.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Rainbow Kona solids

Beautiful rainbow colours of Kona Solids now in stock here.

Monday 14 May 2012

Sewaholic patterns now at M is for make

Finally, at M is for make, Sewaholic patterns!

Which is your favourite? the Minoru Jacket;

 The Pendrell top;

or the Cambie Dress?

You can read more about Tasia, the designer behind Sewaholic patterns (and model in these pictures) on Tilly's blog here.

Ye Olde Weekende

1. Yesterday the sun came out and we went to Seven Sisters.

2. There are fields of oil seed rape everywhere at the moment, it's so pretty. My son asked 'why is the ground yellow?'

3. Sun is a marvellous medicine to cure all ills (apart from sun burn) and I want some bottled so that I can break it open in case of emergency.

4. On the walk to the beach, people stopped to admire and discuss our lovely pup. With phrases included 'isn't she lovely' 'she's like a fluff ball' etc. One tourist even took a photo.

 5. Building dams across rivers is very good fun

6. I did worry a bit about the cliff crumbling and squishing these tiny people of mine. Shortly after they were not squished but ushered a safe distance away.

7. Considering Brighton is 80% tourists, I have never heard so many different languages spoken in one place as I did here. It's a veritable tourist hot spot. Feeling left out, the kids invented a strange made up language of their own, making them sound totally mad.

8. Lying on a stony Sussex beach, while your kids fall in muddy rock pools wearing their school shoes, is deeply uncomfortable, we conducted a test.

9. Lying on 2 large rocks is 20% more comfortable.

10. No matter how handsome and fluffy our pooch was on the way to the beach, once she had thrown herself into a number of rank, muddy ponds/puddles/ditches, she was no longer that cute.

11. Nobody stopped us on the way back to comment on how lovely or fluffy our dog was. Infact I may have seen them shying away as she approached at speed, fully loaded with stagnant water, and not afraid to use it.

12. In England, we actually have 'Ye Olde' stuff, it's not just made up in Shrek. Look, this Inn is so ye olde, it has been spelt with an extra e.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Ye Olde Katee

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Limited Edition Bundle

So I missed a week there with the bundle, how time flies. But here it is back, and this week a sunny but muted bundle for you featuring new fabrics and some older favourites. Limited edition at 10% off, it is available till 8am on Wednesday 16th May (or earlier if it sells out). Enjoy!

Sunday 6 May 2012

Extra wide quilt back and more...

These lovely extra wide (108") dottie quilt backs from Moda arrived yesterday. They are huge, not double, but quadruple rolled on the bolt because they are so wide. Meaning that you can back your magnificent quilt with one piece of fabric if you desire. It's almost enough to make me add some more hexagons to my quilt if it wasn't taking so long already. But I think it would push that project from 'might finish' to 'never, ever, finish'.

It strikes me that I didn't mention a whole batch of brilliant basics that have been arriving over the last few weeks, lots of dots:
 some lovely flowers from Riley Blake
and heavenly matching dots
 Kona solids in black and navy (spot the difference - not easy in a photo)
 the 3 most popular shades of Kona white

I have a section in the shop now just for coordinates, look it's here.

I have some exciting additions expected soon for this section, just look at these chevrons, aren't they pretty together?

I hope you are having a happy weekend whatever you are doing,


Thursday 3 May 2012

Dear Hazel...

So now Hazel is here, I have a decision to make about fabric and have selected a few favourites. I'm thinking this will be a Summer/holiday dress and am imagining wafting around in the sunshine. So I have picked out linen blends, especially these extra wide Kokka linens that I have been thinking about making something with since they arrived. I really love this Luluca floral fabric, it's so pretty - I've draped it sideways because of the way it was rolled, hopefully I wouldn't make it like this.  It's hard to picture what it would look like against my sun deprived skin, my mannequin has rather a healthy tan.

This Echino Madrigal fabric is another fabric I have been longing to make something from. Like the Kokka linens, it is a perfect weight and has beautiful drape. I would have to be careful with the placement of the big pink flowers, in my head I am imagining accidentally placing them on the bust and trying it on when finished to find I have created the effect of a pink flower bikini top. Yikes. The birds go in all directions so I would have to be careful to avoid a very obvious upside down one like I have in this photo.

Another Kokka Luluca fabric, this time in black. It's a bit like a block print and I could have some fun playing around with the pattern and geometry.

Firmly within my comfort zone (and dependance on denim) is this linen blend which would be perfect, but maybe a bit safe?

And in black, I love the black version as the white coming through on the weave almost gives it a shot effect.

I adore this Nani Iro brushed cotton,  it has to be seen to be fully appreciated. It feels gorgeous and again I could have fun with the print on the bodice. I wonder if it may be a little warm for the summer though.

What do you think?