Friday, 25 October 2013


I'm plotting something new, how do you like the colours?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

and into Autumn...

And so into Autumn, enjoying the long shadows, cooler days, the way everything looks when the sun in low. Truth is, whilst I love the summer, I am more of a cooler climate kind of girl and being prepared for the elements. 

Round here we have been huddling together for warmth, some with less subtly than others.

Marvelling at those who brave the sea whatever the weather when I even find it far too cold in the height of August.

We have been making fruit crumbles, perfecting the ratio of fruit to crumble. Which appears to be 1:100 incase you want to try it.

Doing a lot of sewing in the dark, the light is awful now, it compliments my awful quilting as I tackle my least favourite part of making a quilt and head towards my favourite: the binding.

This week I have been reminiscing about eiderdowns and my head is filled with the idea of making one, mostly for my daughter who is already buried under a deep layer of duvets and blankets on her bed. My granny had them, and there is something so very wholesome and cozy about the thought of making one. Although I suspect it would be a feather field quilting disaster waiting to happen. Has anyone made one or seen a good tutorial?

Hope you are enjoying Autumn wherever you are.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


A few weekends back, my mum and I went to visit Sarah Raven's garden Perch Hill. It is a beautiful place, nestled in the Kent countryside, dreamlike and inspirational even for an amateur gardener.

I was half expecting it to be the wrong time to visit with flowers coming to the end of the season and greenery dieing down, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

It was still absolutely brimming full of flowers and colour and simply breathtaking.

The garden was full of many different Dahlias, and it was hard not to think of my dad almost a year after we lost him as these were his favourite flowers.

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, I think possibly it was my favourite, but my memories are so strongly intertwined with this changing season now.

Sewing has always been a great balm for me, making me focus on the stitches and not my thoughts, but lately, my heart isn't in this quilt. I am determined to finish it though being such cherished fabrics. I had planned to have a break from sewing for a while but after but I think one more before Christmas for an old friend.

Then it's time to take a break, smell the roses, experience this Autumn and whatever it has planned for me next.