Friday 27 July 2012

Fox Hollow now in stock

I'm excited to say that Monaluna's latest collection Fox Hollow is now in stock! You can find it here.

I'm very excited to see the return of Foxy and his friends - which is your favourite?

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Taking a break...

As I mentioned in my last post, M is for make will be having 2 weeks off and all orders placed between 26th July and 11th August will be posted on the 13th August.

So if you need some fabric, get your order in today or tomorrow. You could even snap up some of these new chevrons or first few bolts of Heaven and Helsinki by Patty Young.

Friday 20 July 2012

The week in phots and an early holiday warning...

Hooray! this week the Olympic torch came to Brighton. I can't really believe it came so close to our house, and I'm quite thankful as it was very early in the day and if it had been further away we wouldn't have dragged ourselves out of the house in time. There was a great atmosphere on the streets as we waited (although I was rather unimpressed by the sponsor roadshow that rolled through infront of it) and this lovely chap carried it past us with a huge grin on his face and a big pink lipstick kiss on both cheeks from the previous runner. Bless him, I don't think he had a clue.

Brighton graffiti
Driving up to south London later in the week, even the signs warning of traffic delays due to the '2012 games' were rather exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing it (if only on the TV - did anyone get tickets?). 

Back to my happy place, making progress on this quilt under the watchful eye of the dog. I'm sewing with my machine on the ironing board so that I can watch old episodes of ER on the TV while I do it. It's not ideal but it is good.

Love the Batman symbol on top of our local cinema,  hidden behind the trees on the left is a pair of legs, you can see them here.

I feel an equal measure of panic and relief today with the last day of term for my kids. It means goodbye to some beloved teachers, early starts and hopefully; tired, grumpy kids. But also goodbye to free time and a quiet house. Blogging will be a bit few and far between for the next few weeks, but if you are on instagram, you can find me here @misformake.

In the meantime I am packing in as much work as I can before school kicks out.

And washing everything that needs it, first the dog...

not amused
... then fabric for my next project (before the last one is finished, bad Kate)

... and finally my beloved quilt that keeps me warm on cold British Winter I mean, Summer evenings.

And to warn you that I will be having my annual break from M is for make, all orders placed between 26/7/12 and 11/8/12 will be posted on 13/8/12. So if you need some fabric, get our order in now!

Wishing you a happy weekend.


Monday 16 July 2012

New Nani Iro fabric

This new Nani Iro fabric deserved a post of it's own. It's so pretty I know there is something I must make from it, but my dressmaking skills are a little rusty that I almost wouldn't dare not doing the fabric justice. But a quilt would be amazing if I could keep my cat's naughty snaggy claws away from it's gauzy goodness. Which is your favourite?

Sunday 15 July 2012

The week in photos and new fabric...

A hectic week this week with the launch of the new look M is for make, thank you for your lovely feedback and comments, it's great to finally have it out there. Lots of people taking advantage of 15% off all orders until the 18th July. Here is some lovely Running Stitch getting ready to be posted out, I think it's a great stash staple.

Running Stitch
I have also been busy getting ready to party like an 8 year old as our lovely girl had her birthday. I pinned this picture ages ago and have been waiting for a chance to try it out. It looked lovely although I learnt the difference between lovely expensive balloons and cheap ones. I still have a ringing in my ears from having one too many explode while I was blowing them up. Next year I am thinking of scaling it up a bit.

The dog sat peering suspiciously at them from the stairs. I think I have found her kryptonite; balloon curtains.

More new fabric arrivals; this time some Nani Iro fabric I have been waiting for what seems like forever to arrive. I remember ordering this in the middle of the winter thinking it would be perfect for summer.

Maybe perfect for a British summer if layered with some thermals? Nani Iro fabric has the most brilliant names, my favourite being Peaceful Cooing. You can find it all here.

And the reason that this post is a little later than usual is that the end of my week was consumed by baking cakes and a birthday party. 

This year's cake required careful labelling so that I knew what on earth was going on. Pinterest research led me here for this cake.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, the cakes just looked brown on the outside when cooked so it wasn't until I cut into the cake to send pieces home surrounded by screamy 8 year olds that I finally found out if it worked out ok. Phew. That's why the photo is a little blurry, it was hard to think straight.

I hope you had a lovely weekend,


Wednesday 11 July 2012

Announcing the new look M is for make and 15% off!

So I hinted that I was busy working away on something behind the scenes. And am both excited and a little nervous to announce the new look M is for make. The shop had outgrown it's old home and the new one has much improved navigation and searching whilst still having the simple, clean look that I love.

Here are some of the new features.

Improved product browsing and sharing

In each product, you can go on to browse by collection, designer or manufacturer. You can also easily share your favourite fabrics on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

 Shop by theme

There are loads of new ways to search the shop, looking for a solid, dotty or animal based fabric? here is the place to look.

Shop by designer or manufacturer

There is an A to Z of designers and manufacturers so that you can find exactly what you are after.

Shop by type

Looking for a fabric suitable for dressmaking, organic or that is extra wide? this is the place to look.

Coming soon

All fabrics that are coming soon to M is for make will be listed here and you can sign up for a notification when they arrive.


There is lovely new fabric including Running Stitch by Patty Young.

And finally, simplified shipping, you can find out more here. But all UK orders will now cost £2.75.

I think that about covers it! I am really excited about the new look shop and to celebrate there is 15% off all orders until 18th July 8pm GMT. Enter the code NEW12 at the checkout. (You enter the code after you have been through the paypal checkout and come back to the shop).

Friday 6 July 2012

The week in photos ... and a spoiler

Another week is over, time really does seem to be flying by at the moment. I am still busy behind the scenes working on something new and exciting (spoiler to follow).

Snapping some pretty fabric bundles for that behind the scenes project. I love how this Flea Market Fancy and Summersville fabric look together.

Making slow progress on my Quilt Blocks quilt, finally getting to grips with my seam allowances. Time is still a bit limited for sewing so I cram it in where I can even if it means having a 5 year old helper handing me pins. It adds a new, unpredictable and pointy element to my sewing.

I love how it is coming together though. I am making half the blocks on a grey background and the other half on a Kona snow background.

I feel like we have been cooped up because of the rain this week. So we took advantage to get out after school on a steamy afternoon after the rain. We did come home covered in mud from the knees down.

Arrival of the beautiful Simpatico by Cloud 9 fabrics. I love this collection, particularly this one.

And finally, a spoiler of what has been taking up all my time, but I can't wait to share it with you very soon.

Happy weekend all!