Thursday, 17 February 2011

Join the Japanese pattern book sew along!

As promised, I will be hosting a Japanese pattern book sew along shortly. The idea is to give a bit more help to those of you that are new to sewing from these books and hopefully create a brilliant resource to come back to in the future. I really hope that any of my more experienced followers can chip in with help and advice as we go along.

I am trying to be organised after seeing a few comments about the pace of other sew alongs, and get ahead of myself. The first thing I need to do it choose a pattern, so it's time to vote!

Should I make ...

time to party?

This lovely 'party blouse' for myself from the popular Feminine Wardrobe or ...

I would even make a massive matching bow

One of these cute dresses for the little'un from the very funny Children's Style Book.

You can vote using the gadget on the right and votes will close on Monday 21st 9pm GMT.

It won't be quite the same as a traditional sew along, as we may not all be making the same thing but I am hoping that I will cover the essentials in enough detail that you can figure out your own pattern. Or ask questions that hopefully I, or other sew-alongers can help with.

I have made some badges incase you would like to show your love and/or support for the sew along on your blog. There are 3 colours to chose from. If you use Blogger, all you need to do is choose one, right click and save it, go to the design tab, page elements, add a gadget, choose add picture, upload your chosen badge, and as a link, I'd suggest using... book sew along

Phew, got it? Any problems do let me know. I may or may not be able to help. I am certain there are people cleverer than me reading this blog who can if I can't.

I am roughly thinking of starting at the beginning of March, with perhaps a weekly post. Any suggestions, requests, jokes or, favourite colours, do let me know.


  1. Such a great idea Kate. I have voted though either would be great x

  2. Good idea from me too. I've already got those books, so I hope I'm eligible to join in.

  3. Ooh good timing. I'm planning to make a skirt from Simple Chic in the Springtime so weekly posts I can refer to would be fantastic. Any tips on sizing would be good for those of us not quite Japanese sized! x

  4. Brilliant - I have Les Couleurs Francaises. Now I'll have a dilemma whether to make something from it or the same as you!

  5. yah! I've been hoping for a japanese pattern sew along. I think their diagrams are brilliant and I look forward to this so I can attempt something beyond the basics

  6. Great - look forward to you all joining me! Julie - have a go at Les Couleurs Francaises, it's such a lovely book and I've made a fair bit from that one so I can help out

  7. Can't wait !!!! Any tips that help with sizing issues and following the diagrams will be much appreciated. Love the femine wardrobe and aim to translate materials list on a couple of designs this weekend.Struggling with one item on E2 as it's 0.6cm wide assume it's bias binding? Any ideas?

  8. Anon - after some code breaking using my translation sheet I have done it! It is satin ribbon. That was very satisfying.

  9. Looking forward to it! I'll be sewing along from the Girls Style Book - thanks for setting up the sew-a-long.

  10. Many thanks for the translation!!!!!!!!! I can get sewing now and have the perfect fabric that I purchased from you recently.Day off sewing time what Joy!!! I've voted for Party blouse.Many thanks Bridget

  11. Ooooooh what a fabulous idea, I'll be joining in for sure! x

  12. Fab idea and works out great for me as am just about to start my first pattern from one of the books in this series!