Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas presents at M is for make

So after my last post with sewing book ideas, here are some more Christmas present suggestions from M is for make.

Perfect for someone wanting to venture into dressmaking for the first time are the beginner patterns from Colette patterns. These have been hugely popular and from my own experience I have found the instructions wonderfully easy to follow, allowing me to tackle things like buttonholes without having a complete panic. (I usually like to incorporate a complete panic into all my sewing projects).

For a more advanced dressmaker, then a Japanese pattern book would make a great present. I enjoy just looking through these, the photography is simple and beautiful. Once you have ventured into the world of Japanese pattern books, there is no going back.

Clothes patterns AND Siamese cats - what could be better?

If you want to buy fabric as a gift but are unsure what to get, try a coordinated bundle like the Enchanted Wood bundle, the fat 16th bundles make perfect bite-sized presents.

And don't forget there are some amazing bargains in the SALE section at M is for make. There are some beautiful fabrics and patterns here as I make space for some up and coming collections at the end of this year.

So how is your Christmas shopping going?

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  1. Sending my husband on your site - he may be inspired...I love Japanese sewing books.